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CDI-P17 ATEX Gasoline Transfer Pump Assy

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  • CDI-P17 ATEX Gasoline Transfer Pump Assy
  • CDI-P17 ATEX Gasoline Transfer Pump Assy

DYB-60A ex pump is compatible with petrol/gasoline, diesel, gasoline, stoddard solvent, mineral spirits. With explosion proof permanent magnet motor, as well as thermal overload protection, this pump wins popularity in good material quality(brone rotor, carbon vane, check valve). What's more, 80 lpm big flow shows excellence User experience.


a.  Cast Iron body, with 100% bronze rotor and carbon vanes

b.  Both Flange and Swivel Connection

c.  Ex- proof atex motor 1HP, gets thermal overload protection

d.  Corrosion-proof, water proof, petrol transfer solution
e.  Medium for diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirit, solvent and heptanes


Model Number   CDI-P17
  Inlet Size
  Flowrate   80 lpm
  Application Media   gasoline, kerosene, diesel, mineral spirits
  Power   1 HP
  Working Pressure
  0.1-0.2 Mpa
  Motor Speed   1420-1680 rpm
  Package   1 pc /carton


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