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CDI-D05 Gasoline Methanol Fuel Dispesner Ex

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  • CDI-D05 Gasoline Methanol Fuel Dispesner Ex

JYB-135 petrol station petrol pump fuel dispenser . It is generally combined with Keyboard, Display,Control board, Ex Sensor, Ex 220v/380 motor, RSJ flowmeter and combination pump, 6M delivery rubber hose, 3M inlet plastic hose, filter, solenoid valve(option), printer(option), flexible pipe(option), automatic shutoff nozzle with 360 degree nozzle swivel, as well as nozzle holder and oil watcher. You can preset the total volume or price, and start refueling, the pump dispenser would stop when it arrives at the number set. After all, it is quite a practical choice for diesel/gasoline transfering.


a.  preset price/volume fucntion

b.  easy carrying and wide application in various excvavtors, land levellers, pavers, road rollers, etc.

c.  flexible option for the pumps and meters, as well as the computer controller board

d.  for gasoline transfer

e.  printer, english or customized character/logo available

  Model Number   D-JYB-135
  Inlet&Outlet Size   1'
  Flowrate   5-60/80 lpm
  Application Media   gasoline, kerosene, diesel
  Unit Price
  Total Price   0~9999.99
  Volume Range   0~9999.99
  9 digits(volume), 11 digits(sum price)
  Package    1 pc/carton


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